Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I have finally decided it is time to head back to the Institute. My days as a hooker-looking girl working at a bar are over, as well as my days pretending to be a ninja.

Honestly, I missed my days in the X-Men. I missed the adventures, the relationships, and most importantly, my life. It was all kind of put together, and I liked that.

Heading back to the Institute, many memories began replaying themselves in my head. I was so excited to be back! As I finally arrived, I was greeted by none other than, Emma Frost. The entire school was gathered in the Danger Room for a beginning of the Year assembly. Like always, Emma treated me like dirt.

She began to speak to me, I could tell it was her lecturing me, her cheeks always perk up when she is trying to show someone how agrivated she is.

After her talk about how annyoing it was for me to be late, I sat down.

You could totally see her thong in that suit she was wearing!

Um, speaking of thongs, I can see yours there in that photo Kitty. Just FYI.
He's right Kitty. You don't want people getting the wrong impression, do you?
leave her be.... you look sweet kitty

Your picture does show your zapfen.
Oh I didn't say she didn't look sweet. I actually quite like that picture. I was simply making an observation, that's all.
Kitty. You know that's out of dresscode. I excpect to see you in proper attire within the next five minutes, young lady.
I can't belive I'm sayin' this but I agree with Cyke, it must be pretty cold down below now.
I have no problem wit' what she's wearin,
Wade like, Wade like.
I rather like your outifit, Kitty. *cough*
A thong? What's a thong?
Superboy kept going on about those but then when I asked what they were he wouldn't tell me.
Kid Flash (no, for the last time I am NOT going to tell you Robin's eye colour).
Hey there. This is not Kitty. Kitty is 13, just like Scott!
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